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Video Services for City and Village Meetings in DuPage County, Cook County and Kane County, IL

Chicago Area Video Company Records City Council, Zoning, and Board Meetings

When important issues are discussed in a public forum such as a city council meeting or a town-hall style community gathering, it is important to maintain careful and accurate records of such conversations. Written accounts or minutes are helpful, but they rarely tell the whole the story. Perhaps more importantly, minutes can be edited and redacted before being released to the public, often raising serious questions about governmental transparency in the process.

Over the last several years, an increasing number of municipalities throughout the region—along with other areas in Illinois and around the country—have started recording such meetings on video. Some elect to live-stream the meetings online while others simply retain the videos as part of the public record. With that in mind, OVC Photography is proud to offer video recording, hosting, and distribution services to towns, villages, and cities throughout Northern Illinois.

Contributing to Community Transparency

Most counties, cities, towns, villages, and other municipalities regularly hold meetings of various types to discuss budgets, zoning concerns, new projects, and many other topics. Within each municipality, there may also be a number of committees and subcommittees that meet on a regular basis as well. While many of these meetings are open to the general public, relatively few citizens are willing or able to attend.

At OVC Photography, we have the ability to make government and committee meetings available to virtually everyone. Communities that have started video recording their important meetings have experienced a strong positive reaction from local residents. The increased transparency by municipal leaders generates higher levels of trust and confidence, as well as improved communication and community involvement.

Permanent Record of Important Discussions

Video recording of important meetings also allows a permanent, audio-visual record to be created and preserved. For centuries, such recordkeeping required careful notetaking and transcription, as written minutes provided the only official account of what took place during a particular meeting. A video recording, by comparison, is an accurate, complete, and unbiased record of what took place.

A number of studies in recent years have suggested that people tend to behave better when they know they are being recorded. The presence of a video camera at public meetings could also contribute positively to controlling conflict, helping to keep the focus on the issues at hand.

Contact Us for Your Video Recording Needs

Our experienced professional videographers are ready to record your city board, zoning, and council meetings. At OVC Photography, we use state-of-the-art recording video and audio equipment to ensure top-quality results. We are also equipped to manage your video records and to distribute them as requested through various media outlets including Facebook and YouTube. To learn more about our video services, or to discuss our hourly rates, contact us at 630-250-5678. We offer video recording services to municipalities in Kane, DuPage, Will, Cook, Kendall, and McHenry Counties.

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